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In conversation with Jayant Pendharkar, Vice-President, Head - Global Marketing and architect of the new TCS global brand building campaign.
In a maturing market, the IT industry is gearing up for consolidation among companies of all sizes. It is therefore critical to examine both the drivers behind this trend, and more importantly, look at what it takes to create a successfully merged entity.
To keep up with myriad new online applications, users need to make an effort and invest time. All the information is accessible to everyone, provided they look carefully.
While marketing remains relevant for all companies in various stages of evolution, common misconceptions about its role and impact still persist. Read on to learn about the top 5 mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them.
Social media marketing is the new big thing. But how do we reach the holy grail of communication, collaboration and cooperation in the social media environment? Read on to find out.

Prayag Consulting has won the prestigious MarCom Award third time in a row this year for its research on Social Media Strategy conducted for Wipro Technologies.
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Greetings to our readers. Confluence is back after a brief hiatus and this time we have something interesting to offer. We have strung together a best of confluence issue this time, picking out some of the best features ( as per our reader feedback) that we have brought out in recent times. We have taken care to ensure that these articles are highly relevant for you in today’s context as well.

In Focal Point we feature TCS’ Experience Certainty campaign, which we believe is one of the better orchestrated branding efforts by an IT services company from India. Check it out.

Whether the business climate is weak or buoyant, the current trend that we see is that companies are forever on the lookout for growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions. We therefore thought you would be interested to take another look at what it takes to successfully integrate an acquired company in the “Best and the Rest” section.

Web 2.0 remains a topic that is hotly discussed and we often come across companies and individuals who are still trying to figure out how social media platforms would impact their lives. Keeping this in mind, we represent Wag the app - And also why Web 2.0 and the new age apps are making you sweat the small stuff – a racy and somewhat tongue in cheek take on how you would want to prepare yourself for the web 2.0 world. Check out Click to Conquer.

While on the topic of Social media, we have yet another useful read in the Marketing Buzz section on how to get started with a social media strategy in your company. Read this intriguingly titled piece “Why do Kenyans always win the marathons?”

Finally, it is becoming increasingly essential for all functions to continue to justify their business outcomes and value. It is no different for marketing. So, in Prayag Take, we have for you, Top 5 marketing mistakes to avoid.

Do let us know your feedback on this special issue. We do hope you find value in the way we have synthesized this issue for you.

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